Thursday, December 6, 2007


Wow I woke up this morning to frigid temperatures. I said I would regularly post some tips for winterizing ponds so here goes another tip. Floating pond heaters are typically designed to keep a hole in your pond not designed to heat all the water. These usually are round units that keep a small circle open in the surface of your pond. What good does this do you might ask. The purpose is to allow toxic gases to escape your pond. If frozen over the toxic materials are stuck in the pond, however with a hole in the ice these materials are able to escape. I always recommend along with this pond heater is to add a small pump to help circulate the water. Just run a small piece of pvc, tube, etc.. up to the surface just to oxygenate and circulate a small amont of water. I do realize there are parts of the country this will not work because of the extreme cold temperature. Another option besides this is a good aeration system.There are several other things I want to talk about and will try to hit all the questions I usually receive each year.

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