Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Winter Approaching

Winter is swiftly approaching and has made a big arrival this week in some places. Many questions regarding winterization pop up as the weather changes. I will try to address some of the popular questions over the next few weeks. One common question that comes up is: "When should I stop feeding my fish?". Well for many parts of the country the time has already arrived. Here in the southcentral US it is just now getting that time. A good rule is in the fall to change their food to some sort of autumn or winter staple food. These foods usually have less protein and prepares the fish for cooler water temps. As the water tempeture drops the metabolism of the fish slows so they are not able to metablolize the protein as they do in spring and summer temps. Around 42 degrees F (6 degrees C) you need to stop feeding your fish. This is just a few thoughts I have on preparing the fish for winter. I will follow up in a few days with more suggestions on winterizing your watergarden. If you can think of any issues you would like me to discuss just let me know and I will try to help. Thanks and enjoy the beauty of your pond during this winter season.

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