Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Please Read Instructions before Using!!!

I am always fussing at my husband when we buy something that needs to be put together. First thing he does is pull everything out and starts trying to put it together. I on the other hand like to make sure all the parts are there and then follow the instructions step by step. We usually end up working together and getting it together. I read the instructions, get the parts needed for each step and then he assembles it.
Well you may wonder what in the world does this have to do with ponds and water gardens. I promise I am going to make a point with this. It is that so many people would save a lot of time and headache if they would first read the instructions to whatever they may be using or putting together. You would think some products are a no brainer. Well I promise you that even on those products there has been someone who did not read and then had problems. So here are a few things to know that perhaps get looked over in manuals:
  1. Skimmers & Filterfalls- People often do not read everything regarding these and miss the part where it says. During the winter if you expect freezing water, empty the water out of your unit. Why? Freezing water expands which could equal busted unit. This also applies to any type of filter that has water in it. Either inside or outside the pond.
  2. Pumps- Boy there are a lot of things I could say here, but I will just name a few. 1st never, never, never cut the cord on a pump. This always voids the warranty. It says it plain and clear on every pump manual I have seen, but I can not tell you how many times someone has called us wanting us to replace a pump even though the cord has been cut. We can't do it. The manufacturer will not honor a warranty if a cord is cut or if the pump has been disassembled. Don't take the pump apart thinking you can fix it. More than likely you can't so just leave it alone. Then only time you would take something apart would be on some of the magnetic drive pumps and then you can take off the volute to check the impeller. But only that nothing else unless specifically told by the manufacturer.

These are just a few of the problems we have run into through the years of dealing with ponds. There are many others but these were the top 2 I could think of this morning.

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